Marching pig farmer sings to save our food

A Gloucestershire pig farmer is turning to singing to raise awareness of the struggle he faces to stay in business. He and many other farmers march on parliament today to highlight the plight of UK pig farmers and the state of agriculture in general.

Grain feed prices have doubled recently thanks to the slow build-up of issues ranging from a high world population, growing meat consuming middle class in India & China, drought problems blamed on climate changes and the US subsidized ethanol programme.

Today’s protest is seen as the canary warning the UK of trouble ahead for agriculture and UK consumers if the government doesn’t sit up and realise the country needs a more sustainable approach to meeting our food needs.

The UK currently meets only 60% of its food needs, with the rest imported. More food needs to be produced by our farmers at home who need support from their fellow citizens to do so. This is the reality.

Supermarkets and shoppers can start by purchasing local ham, bacon and pork products, rather than succumbing to the cheap Danish option that floods our shelves.

A cross party Early Day Motion tabled by British pig industry supporter Richard Bacon MP – Tory MP for South Norfolk – will also call for the government’s support for British pig farming.

See the farmer’s Pigs are worth it! website and support them by signing their petition. If you don’t eat meat I think one should still support our farmers.

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