Gold Medal for Most Greenwashed Games?



I almost missed this little report. 

As most people know, when the 2012 London Olympic bid was won, it was declared that the games will be the greenest ever.  The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) said at the time that the event . . .

will set new standards for the sustainable design and construction of major sports venues and infrastructure used for the games

That being so, it defies belief that Olympic chiefs are demanding 3000+ chauffeur driven cars to take Olympic VIP’s to and from the games.  It means in effect that while Londoners are going to be banned from using their roads, the important posh folks get to be driven right through to the venues in comfort.

Well this is a staggering double-standard but I really can’t put it better than Green member, Jenny Jones when she said . . . “I am appalled that so many bigwigs will be chauffeured around on dedicated lanes when there is going to be a superb public transport service as well as a special coach service. It is against the whole spirit of the Games, which is meant to be the greenest ever.”

The organiser are being quite furtive about it and as the article informs us, London Assembly members have been told they can only see the contract if they sign a confidentiality agreement.  Well, this secrecy will simply cause distrust and speculation.

The possibility of achieving the Greenest games ever became questionable the moment it was announced that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola were going to be the main sponsors.  With this latest revelation, it seems that the games eco-halo is starting to slip further. 

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7 Responses to Gold Medal for Most Greenwashed Games?

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Well, it’s not really double standards. The London Olympics team has always been consistent in wanting it to be the greenest ever. The IOC is a completely different gang of buffoons, the global cabal that controls the Olympics, assesses the bids and awards the right to stage the Games. It’s highly regrettable that a contract was signed that included the official car clause. Looks as if someone didn’t read the small print.

  2. matt says:

    Heaven forbid if a VIP took the tube with real people. An excited drunken reveller might throw up over their lovely attire. Well, … you never can be sure …. those Common People.

  3. Pete Smith says:

    “Common People”…. there may be an element of that, but I suspect they don’t consciously think of it like that. These guys have been around for years, beavering away for a once-every-4-years event. I suspect they just see their official limos as a perk of the job, not so much transport as a confirmation of their importance. You can see their type, in their blazers and comb-over hairstyles, on the committee of every golf club, bowls club, horticultural society, you name it. Just grabbing their brief place in the sun.

  4. earthpal says:

    There is a pecking order of which we all should be aware. Actually, Pete’s right, they probably don’t do it consciously. They just don’t live in our world.

    Pete, I replied to your first comment on my blog. Sorry, I know it must seem silly posting the same article on both blogs. I’m just trying to put some *green* back into my own blog because I feel it’s been losing it’s environmental roots lately. Bear with me. 😳

  5. Pete Smith says:

    LOL if you can recycle your posts I can recycle my comments 🙂

  6. the Grit says:

    Hi earthpal,

    Most of the big shots talk a good game, but they rarely intend for the restrictive “green” measures they say are for our own good to apply to them. Speaker Pelosi, for instance, has called repeatedly for all sorts of expensive and inconvenient measures to reduce CO2 emissions, but commutes back and forth from Washington DC to San Francisco every week on a huge public provided private plane. Also, Governor Schwarzenegger, who has been heralded as a champion of green causes in California, commutes daily from the capital in Sacramento to his mansion in Brentwood. Not to worry though, he buys carbon indulgences to offset his prodigious damage to the environment. And let us not forget Al Gore with his frequent private jet travels and convoys of SUVs to get from the airport to his next lecture on Global Warming and the evils of CO2. Still, all that’s not nearly as bad as super rich politicians constantly demanding an increase in income taxes on the wealthy, all the while knowing that most of their income is from capital gains, which are taxed at an entirely different rate.

    the Grit

  7. earthpal says:

    Fair comment Pete. Hehehe.

    Hey Grit,

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. Well said. Blatant hypocrisy. Clearly, they feel that their jobs are way too important for them to be inconvenienced by any restrictions.

    Our elitist politicians – they come together, speak bravely, cook up a few plans and pretend to save the planet.

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