Climate change, water and poverty.

It is World Water Day on the 22nd March. This is promoted by the UN ‘to draw international attention to the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.’

Says the UN World Water Day site;

‘Leaders who adopted the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 envisioned halving the proportion of people living without access to basic sanitation by the year 2015 — but we are nowhere near on pace to achieve that Goal. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s said this in his message on World Water Day, to be observed on 22 March. Experts predict that, by 2015, 2.1 billion people will still lack basic sanitation. At the present rate, sub-Saharan Africa will not reach the target until 2076. While there have been advances, progress is hampered by population growth, widespread poverty, insufficient investments to address the problem and the biggest culprit: a lack of political will.’

To get some idea of how water problems are affecting communities around the world watch the following report from the Philippines. Here climate change is a part of the problem;

Thank you to Baikong for highlighting this.

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4 Responses to Climate change, water and poverty.

  1. earthpal says:

    Yes, I was going to write about World Water day too.

    I was dismayed to read that Sub-Saharan Africa won’t reach its target until 2076!! How many lives lost will that mean?

  2. Earthpal, thats really horrible! do you have a link about it?

  3. matt says:

    I read the 2076 target in today’s Times but couldn’t find it online. It’s a WaterAid feature which the organisation mentions on their website under the heading ‘WaterAid in the press’ here;

    But of course it is mentioned in my post above as well.

  4. Alexa says:

    It’s a year later, another World Water Day has come and gone – and still the awareness of our future water shortage is dim, at best.

    Water greetings!

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

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