Brown and Sarkozy and the Arsenal Summit


Picture: The Guardian

Don’t they make a lovely couple.

As part of the wider efforts to tackle climate change, Britain and France are getting together to form a dynamic Anglo-French nuclear partnershipand together they are going to take the nuclear message to the world.  Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy are to unveil a nuclear pact which will involve the worldwide marketing of nuclear technology: 

There is a growing view within the energy industry that nuclear power could be the next lucrative market. British Energy, the country’s biggest reactor operator, has become the target of a potential £7bn takover bid as the UK tries to guarantee a secure future energy supply without relying on gas imports from Russia as North Sea oil and gas supplies dwindle.

Almost 70% of France’s energy comes from nuclear power and Gordon Brown wants to take advantage of France’s nuclear expertise when the building of Britain’s new and controversial generation of nuclear plants commences.

The announcement will be made at the Arsenal summit next week in London. 

All very comforting isn’t it but what I want to know is why is it called the Arsenal summit?


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4 Responses to Brown and Sarkozy and the Arsenal Summit

  1. matt says:

    Maybe they’re going to meet over a football match.

    Have to say France appears to have done well with its nuclear programme. I do say ‘appears’. Wonder what they do with their waste.

    God that photo makes them look like lovers; well done to the photographer!

  2. earthpal says:

    Lol. I know. They do look intimate don’t they.

    Yes, nuclear energy is firmly embedded in France and is well and truly accepted as the norm.

    This is a good article . . .

    As the article says, it has brought jobs and prosperity to many areas and it’s reduced their CO2 emissions and I dare say they’re a lot less dependent on oil so it’s hard to oppose on many levels. It almost converts me but the waste issue is far from over . . .

  3. keithsc says:

    They are going to be meeting at the Emirates stadium – I wonder if season holders can get in free?

  4. matt says:

    Will Brown score an own goal?

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