Earth Hour: 8pm tonight


Last year, Sydney, Australia held its first Earth Hour in a stand against climate change.  Everybody who signed up agreed to switch off all their lights for one hour on a set date and time.  Even Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House got involved and switched off.

This year it’s going global and towns, cities, businesses and households alike are signing up.   Even Google is taking part.  We might as well take part too and get a taster of the Dark Ages.  As individuals, the event will take no effort.  It could be fun.  Just get out the candles and have a lovely, candlelit evening.  If you have kids, get the board games out.  Or if you’re going to be out and about at that time and your town or city is taking part, take your camera and capture the unlit building and structures.

Just look at it as the hour you’re going to lose tonight when we put the clocks forward.  Yes, I know that doesn’t add up but don’t let the details deter you.

One hour isn’t going to solve the climate problem and some would argue that it’s nothing more than a gimmick, but it will raise awareness and will perhaps encourage us to have more lights out hours. 

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2 Responses to Earth Hour: 8pm tonight

  1. matt says:

    Peak oil enthusiasts would argue ‘the Dark Ages’ will soon be a permanent fixture. 🙂

  2. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    Good one 🙂 If y’all ever need a theme song for your blog, allow me to suggest “Dark Ages” by Jethro Tull on their Stormwatch album.

    As to Earth Hour, our electricity was out for 6 hours on Thursday, so I’m caught up through 2013, which is enough to see me through the end of the world in 2012 🙂 And, since our power is down frequently in this area, the price we pay for all those trees, I’ll be happy to sell Earth Hour offsets to those who want to participate but are afraid of the dark.

    the Grit

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