EU’s dirty dozen CO2 emitters 2007


Germany tops list for the EU’s dirty dozen CO2 emitters during 2007. In fact seven of the twelve dirtiest European installations are in Germany, preliminary 2007 data from the European Commission showed on Wednesday.

German utility RWE AG’s lignite coal plant at Niederaussem topped the list, spewing the equivalent of 31.3 million tonnes of earth-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) last year, comparable to the total greenhouse gas emissions of Croatia. Last year’s top emitter, Poland’s Belchatow S.A., operated by state-owned BOT Elektrownia, came in second, belching more than 28 million tonnes of CO2.

Of the top emitters, 11 were power generators, and for the first time a steel plant, owned by ArcelorMittal. With the exception of Britain’s Drax Power Station, who were forced to purchase 7.6 million carbon credits, permits allocated to the installations on average exceeded their 2007 verified emissions by around 54,300 tonnes. This makes the idea behind carbon credits non-sensical at present.

The UK’s Drax Power Station comes in at no.4

The full list;

Rank State Company                         Installation/                Total        CO2      +/-

                                  Location          Emissions   Quota
                                                (in millions tonnes CO2)
1  DE  RWE AG (RWEG.DE:      Niederaussem        31.3       28.7    -2.6
2  PL  BOT Elektrownia       Belchatow S.A.      28.3       30.8     2.5
3  DE  Vattenfall (VTTG.DE:  Jaenischwalde       24.2       25.8     1.6
4  UK  Drax Group PLC (DRX.L: Drax Power Station  22.2       14.6    -7.6
5  DE  RWE AG (RWEG.DE:       Weisweiler          19.7       19.0    -0.7
6  DE  RWE AG (RWEG.DE:       Neurath             19.6       20.3     0.7
7  DE  RWE AG (RWEG.DE:       Frimmersdorf        16.8       16.9     0.1
8  IT  Enel SPA (ENEI.MI:     TE - Brindisi Sud   14.2       13.4    -0.8
9  DE  E.ON AG (EONG.DE:      Kraftwerk Scholven  12.6       10.9    -1.7
10 DE  Vattenfall (VTTG.DE:   Schwarze Pumpe      12.4       13.1     0.7
11 PL  BOT Elektrownia        Turow S.A.          12.3       13.0     0.6
12 FR  ArcelorMittal (ISPA.AS:  Dunkerque           12.1

Source: EU 2007 emissions data – here.

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4 Responses to EU’s dirty dozen CO2 emitters 2007

  1. Dan says:

    It’s not non-sensical – it’s just badly implemented in Phase 1. The spot price for Phase 1 EUAs is in the single-digit cents, while Phase 2 2008 futures are trading at EUR23ish.

    The overallocation reflected in the table is not expected to be repeated this year – hence the sensible price.

    Look how much of the table is RWE Npower!

  2. matt says:

    Lets hope you’re right Dan. Yes RWE are the naughty boys!

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  4. matt says:

    Thank you for this information Istvan. I wonder if anybody is manufacturing this device yet? Sounds promising from what you tell us.

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