TNT boss suggests globalisation is too costly

TNT announced last year that it will invest in electric vehicles for its urban fleets as part of its environment plans for the business. Peter Bakker, CEO of TNT, went much further yesterday in a BBC TV interview suggesting that globalisation wasn’t good for climate change and that the answer was to encourage the return of more local business, rather than shipping everything in from China.

According is this article, Rising fuel prices are having an impact right across the spectrum of transport activity. Companies ranging from road freight operators to airlines are being driven out of business in all major markets throughout the world.

Bakker claims that the emissions from its two planes flying constantly between Europe and China are equivalent to all TNT’s European truck fleet emissions. He sees this as wrong and wonders why TNT couldn’t do more local journeys if local business was to thrive again. The price of oil would appear to be driving this green perspective. However TNT topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the first time ever last year, influenced largely, it is claimed by its UK office.

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4 Responses to TNT boss suggests globalisation is too costly

  1. earthpal says:

    TNT has an impressive history of ethical practises, not least its support for the Wooden Spoon charity which helps disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. I know this because it’s also the official charity of the British Rugby Union.

    It’s come to something when the company that has benefitted greatly from globalisation admits it’s bad for the planet.

    Good, good.

  2. matt says:

    Well I’m glad someone has commented on this because I think it is an amazing statement from Mr Bakker.

    Clearly he and his company are on a journey to cleanse their souls of the effects of being a major part of the industry of CO2 to which their courier business (and its customers) contribute. Businesses, customers and the environment have to come to some greater understanding, accommodation and better co-existence.

    It appears Mr Bakker is on that journey. Incidently, TNT appear to be doing well financially.

  3. earthpal says:

    Incidently, TNT appear to be doing well financially.

    Just goes to show that large companies can be ethical without compromising their profits. Just takes some imagination and some guts.

    Yes, he is a brave man indeed for acknowledging the company’s role in climate change. And even better that they are doing something about it. You’ve got to admire him.

  4. matt says:

    This investment is particularly good for Smith Electric Vehicles who can plough back more monies into researching technologies to increase the range of their vehicles on one charge. Also the more vehicles that are bought the quicker they can reduce their vehicle retail prices through economies of scale, which then allows other customers to purchase and ultimately increase the number of electric vehicles on our roads.

    I see they also have won a contract with Sainsbury’s.

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