Sunday Times Top 50 Best Green Companies

“The Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards is a project designed to encourage, acknowledge and publicise businesses and other organisations, which are striving to improve their environmental performance. The 50 companies listed in this report are all pioneers – enterprising, enlightened and fizzling with new ideas. Click here to view the 50 greenest companies in an interactive, searchable table.”

I’ve never even heard of most of the companies who made it into the top 50 Green list but all credit to the top 10’ers.  The thing about compiling such lists is that it incentivises companies to do better thus encouraging competitiveness.  And of course, competing for green points in the business, corporate and manufacturing world can only be a good thing. 

Here are the companies who made the top ten: 

  1. J C Atkinson and Son Manufacturing
  2. Carillion Construction
  3. Co-operative Financial Services
  4. Pureprint Group Printing & Publishing
  5. Skanska UK Construction
  6. HBOS Financial services
  7. Loughborough Students Union Education
  8. Saint-Gobain Glass UK Manufacturing
  9. MCM Architecture Architects
  10. The National Magazine Company

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4 Responses to Sunday Times Top 50 Best Green Companies

  1. matt says:

    Hey EP, thanks for keeping the show on the digital road.

    Interesting list compiled above. Good to see a couple of banks in there and a wide range of businesses. An achievement they should indeed wear with pride.

  2. Pete Smith says:

    The latest in a long line of ‘Greenest Businesses’ lists. To be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, to my mind. 30% of the input to the rankings comes from employee opinion surveys. My experience of trying to drum up interest in environmental issues while working for a FTSE 100 company suggests that most employees don’t give a stuff, they’re far too busy trying to hang on to their jobs, but if pressed will go along with whatever their management tells them about the company’s performance. The other 70% of the ranking was obtained by using a “robust methodology to measure environmental performance”; it would really be nice to know some details of what that methodology is.
    And look who gets in at number 6 in the Top 10: HBOS. Funny that, considering the whole project is sponsored by Bank of Scotland Corporate, which is of course part of the HBOS group.

  3. matt says:

    And they only put themselves in at no.6. That’s mighty considerate of them. 🙂

  4. Pete Smith says:

    Well, Numero Uno would be in slightly poor taste. I wasn’t for a moment suggesting they fixed the results, but you’d be more likely to give your name and money to a survey if you felt you were in with at least a fair chance. Coming 99th wouldn’t be good PR or good value.

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