China encourages 2 child policy in cities.




 According to The China Daily the city of Guangzhou is heading towards a demographic and economic disaster because of its rapidly ageing population. In reaction the city has has developed its own policy encouraging families to have more than one child.

The spokesman for the China National Family Planning Commission, Yu Xuejun, indicated that China has just begun to feel the effects of an aging population, and said that it is appropriate for some of the larger cities to encourage their residents to have more than one child.

By 2010, Guangzhou will be home to more than 1 million people aged 60 or over, the commission has estimated. But its homes for the elderly will be able to accommodate only 40,000. There are currently some 945,000 people aged 60 and above, accounting for almost 13 percent of Guangzhou’s total population. According to the city’s 11th five-year development plan for population, employment and social security, by 2010, Guangzhou will have a population of more than 10.9 million, whose average life span will be 78, the commission said.

In addition, the one-child policy has led to a dramatic imbalance in the numbers of men and women in China, with many couples selectively aborting female children in favour of males.

Despite the new decision by Guangzhou to encourage two-children families, in many parts of China, especially the rural areas, the one-child policy is brutally enforced. In May 2007 a campaign began in the province of Guangxi, during which many women were forced to abort children, and others were punished with heavy fines for violating the one-child policy.

In a number of parts of China, riots broke out in protest against the campaign. Those living in rural areas have also been disgruntled by the unequal enforcement of the one-child policy between the rural areas and the city, with the larger cities being much less strict in its enforcement than other parts of the country.

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4 Responses to China encourages 2 child policy in cities.

  1. earthpal says:

    It was only a matter of time before China felt the effects of its extreme birth-control policies.

  2. matt says:

    And now they’re beginning to relax their controls I think they’ll find people will self regulate to no more than 2 kids on average, at least in urban areas. The cost of living is relatively high there and rising all the time.

  3. the Grit says:

    Hi y’all,

    I think you miss the point, which is that the economies of many countries. as life expectancies increase, are dependent on an ever increasing population so the younger workers can support the old people. We have that problem here in the States, where our population growth is negative, without immigration, and a big mass of people about to retire and demand the Government benefits promised to them. Of course, if we let our population grow, that will present different burdens on both Government resources and the environment as well. It would seem that we’ve reached the point where the only patriotic thing to do is die early. Allow me to take up a tiny bit of your bandwidth to express my thanks to our politicians who have known about this problem for the last 40 years or so, but haven’t had the courage to do anything about it. My hat’s off to those who served in the past and, if the choices we’re going to have for this year’s Presidential elections are anything to go by, I have no doubt that we’ll have the same high standards of Governance until we collapse back to a hunter-gather society. Cheers.

    the Grit

  4. matt says:

    The pension system is what locks us all into a vortex of stupidity.

    People spend their whole lives worrying about providing for the future when they should be enjoying their lives now. Everyone wants to live into their 80’s or 90’s instead of being satisfied with a dignified 70’s.

    Once upon a time elderly mums & dads were looked after within the homes of their grown up children. No pension system needed to finance separate home, hip replacements, new organs, cruise holidays, gardening clubs. Grandparents would instead help look after the grandchildren, cooking, shopping … in return for a roof over their heads, care and company.

    Our societies put selfish individual needs before community interaction. But this approach is far too costly. Chasing population regeneration for economic resurgence, just so pensions can continue to be paid at ridiculously high rates is plain daft!! And we all know these pensions have no scruples about where they invest.

    See Logan’s Run

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