Green Dreams: A decade of missed targets

Policy Exchange has analysed the UK Government’s green targets made since 1997 and in its report Green Dreams it finds that 60% of its most important targets have been missed, are likely to be missed or are so vaguely worded it is impossible to tell. It has been most successful in meeting its targets on waste and least successful on biodiversity where just 12% of its targets have been reached.

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  1. the Grit says:

    Hi again,

    That would be even funnier if you replace “Osama” with “Obama.” Of course, it’s still a belly laugh that anyone would be surprised that Government programs are running behind schedule 🙂

    the Grit

  2. matt says:

    Yeah, the joke intends you to read it as Osama for Obama. 🙂

  3. earthpal says:

    Well, I’m not surprised. We’ve banged for ages about politician’s rhetoric and targets made that are nothing more than gestures.

    Interesting (and important I think) to see the facts and figures all being collated and reported like this. Thanks for the link Keith. I liked how the report pointed out the UK “culture of target setting” and went on to describe the confusing and often meaningless targets. And those ever-changing goalposts.

    They say that rules are made to be broken. So, it would seem, are targets.

    It confirmed that in the areas where targets were met, they had been set well in advance and on an escalating scale. And that there was powerful policy commitment. A definite lesson to be learned there.

    Is the government listening?

  4. matt says:

    Gordon’s private secretary rings me every morning at 6am, just for a little chat about the weather. 🙂

    There was another target report out recently, unless this is the same one, that mentioned the impossibly of succeeding in the aim of keeping the rise in CO2 emissions globally to an average of 2% above 1990 levels. In fact they wondered if 3% was realistic. These scientists didn’t want to make too much of a fuss about this failure of policy, because they thought we might all give up! Right, that’s it, I’m going around the back of my computer to shoot myself!!

  5. earthpal says:

    Don’t do it Matt! It’s not worth it. Talk to me. There is hope. 😉

    Yes I can see what the scientists are getting at. There’s a lot of apathy towards climate change. People either turn a blind eye to it or they shrug it off and say it’s too late anyway, may as well carry on living the lives we are accustomed to living. So, if they hear of failed targets at higher levels, it will just confirm and strengthen this attitude.

  6. matt says:

    It’s a bit like trying to turn a bloody great big oil tanker around. 🙂

  7. earthpal says:

    Isn’t that so! Frustrating is not the word!

  8. keithsc says:

    I wonder if the Government has been most successful at meeting the targets on waste because of the financial penalties the EC has introduced for waste. Do we need a stronger EC able to act more on the environment?

  9. matt says:

    Yes, good point Keith. Having clear targets, incentives & penalties from the EU helps, as does the fact that it applies to all nations within.

    What we’re dealing with as far as CC is concerned is the type and amount of wastes we are spewing out as individuals and as a societies. The landfill tax deals with solid wastes. The CC situation largely deals with gaseous wastes. Maybe the fact that we can’t see these gases is part of the problem!!

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