Fuel cells – market opportunities

NDC Centre logo NEW Opportunity
Compact Atmospheric Pressure & Self Humidifying PEM Stacks for Automotive Applications

ND Energy logo NEW Opportunity
Seeking Collaborative Partnerships to Develop our SOFC Technology for Auxiliary Power Applications

PURE Energy Centre logo NEW Opportunity
State-of-the-art Luxury Grid Independent Uninterrupted Domestic Power for Asian Markets Combining Fuel Cell, Hydrogen & Renewable Energy Technologies

H2seed logo NEW Opportunity
Hydrogen Fuel Cell CHP Projects

AFC Energy logo NEW Opportunity
Steelworks Industry: An Opportunity for On Site Generation of Power from Waste Hydrogen without Combustion

FCM Projects logo NEW Opportunity
FCM Projects: Assistance Sourcing 400kW to 2.4 MW Onsite Fuel Cell Combined Heat/Cooling and Power Systems

Dantherm logo NEW Opportunity
Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Backup / Standby Power Projects in Developing Countries

Acta logo Opportunity
Waste Ammonia? An Opportunity to Generate Electricity

H2 Logic logo Opportunity
Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Forklift/Materials Handling Vehicle Demonstration Projects

Just some of the business opportunities out there involving fuel cell technological development and application. If this is something you’re interested in visit Fuel Cell Markets.

As they themselves say, Fuel Cell Markets assists the commercialisation of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies across all applications including portable power, backup power, stationary power, and transportation.

They aim to cover relevant news and information, business opportunities, products & services, companies and more.

The above gives the general public an idea of just how extensive development in fuel cells has become. They will certainly play an important part with more efficient energy distribution systems.

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