Pictures of strawbale buildings

The Strawbale Building website has a series of images showing the huge variety of buildings that have strawbales as part of their construction.

Some are out buildings, almost sheds. A few clearly show the jagged outline of the bales!

There are however some clean cut designs out there presenting homes that need not set off that nimby neighbour.

Take a peek. The site has useful advice as well.

The photo below is my personal favourite of an interior of a strawbale house, taken from this site, which tells you how to build with straw;

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3 Responses to Pictures of strawbale buildings

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  2. earthpal says:

    Love the house built in Sussex by Ben Law. It looks sweet and enchanted. And the strawbale house built in Ireland looks like a giant pig. Lol.

    Joking apart, all good, sustainable stuff.

  3. matt says:

    Oh yes, I remember seeing the programme showing Ben’s progress with that build and when the TV crew returned (a year?) later he had a partner and child. Beautiful home.

    Tony Wrench’s roundhouse at Brithdir Mawr, Wales is kinda cute but unfortunately it can give the impression that strawbale house build isn’t more mainstream. Some of the other examples thankfully show us that this method can be applied in a more practical sense.

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