Our climate, our children, our responsibility

Unicef UK has produced this report warning of the possible dangers to the most vulnerable people in society -the children. It warns that climate change could cause an additional 40,000 to 160,000 child deaths a year in South Asia and sub-Saharan Asia and could wipe out any progress made towards the Millennium Development Goals. It calls on the Government to commit to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 80% compared to 1990 by 2050 and include emissions from aviation and shipping in this total. It also demands the Government to change its development aid to include the impact of climate change on children.

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  1. earthpal says:

    Hi Keith,

    Interesting report. And very informative although I haven’t read it in full yet. It’s on my infinite *to do* list.

    It coincides with another wide-scale UN report about global social injustices. It claims that a toxic combination of government policies around the world are to blame for the unjust life chances that many children are born into (I am trying to write a post about it – if my computer would only play nicely.

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