The cold weather payments farce!

Gordon Brown’s government, caught with it’s pants down … again.

Did we in the UK have a summer? No we didn’t. Is winter now just around the corner? Well, yes it is. With bills increasing by 30% on top of huge increases already you would be forgiven for wondering whether you might be eligible for a little help from the government. In walks the Cold Weather Payment.

It is apparently going to be available to the disabled and unemployed families with children under five. The weekly payment will jump from £8.50 to £25. ‘Great’ you say but here’s the farcical bit;

You will not be eligible until the temperature drops below zero for seven consecutive days. Right, where in the UK will this be measured exactly!? Regions obviously vary. Do you have to register in anticipation and then hope your child doesn’t turn 5 just before the freeze hits.

Let’s hope those affected can afford to heat themselves before the seventh day, if indeed that arrives. Most city dwellers can expect this to be an unlikely event considering they are usually caught up in a concrete heat island, at least compared to countryside temperatures.

If this is how the government looks to run its energy policies then it’s no wonder the UK has the lowest investment in renewables. Government instruments of financing and support are just far too complicated and show no real commitment to their stated aims.

With the CEO of E.ON recently overheard stating his glee at higher energy prices for his bank balance it’s no wonder people have had enough of fat cats & useless politicians.

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6 Responses to The cold weather payments farce!

  1. the Grit says:

    Hi y’all,

    Well, it would seem that Global Warming is a good thing 🙂

    Seriously, any news of what is happening outside the US has been buried by our elections and hurricanes. I’d love to read a post on the state of your country.

    the Grit

  2. earthpal says:

    Yes, it’s a loony social policy alright. Talk about cold comfort!

  3. trev daggitt says:

    your post refers to the cold weather payments – NOT the winter fuel payment – this is an entirely different issue. the winter fuel payment is a lump sum payment for the over 60’s regardless of the weather and is £200 per household (£250 this year)

  4. matt says:


    Many thanks for pointing this out! I was trying to remember the information from a Radio 4 item earlier on that day. Clearly I got my payments muddled.

  5. Carrie says:

    I share my home with my flat mate, who like me is also in receipt of Incapcity Benefit, which is a qualifying benefit for the Cold Weather Payment. Could anyone inform me if this payment is per household or per person claiming benefit?


  6. matt says:


    You’ll need to contact the relevant government dept. Good luck.


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