Greenspun … wear your recycled plastic bottles.

A product ended up in our household recently with a little tag on it called ‘greenspun’. A company called Greenpac UK Ltd, based in Birmingham & London UK, as well as Taiwan are coming up with a number of useful products using recycled material.

From the yarn made from recycled plastics they are producing bags, garmets (including a fleece) and various other products for high street stores such as M&S and Mothercare. They are also linked into other ventures such as Smencils, pencils made from sheets of newspaper instead of wood. You can actually see the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them. Oh and they give off a fragrance as well.

Simon Lee is the entrepreneur behind the new fleece. Four years ago, Lee quit his job at a packaging company out of disgust at the amount of plastic and cardboard being wasted in the global supply chain. “Some of the products being sold were costing less to make than the packaging,” he says. His solution was to set up a new company called Greenpac to cure some of the packaging ills that plague today’s disposable society.

“There has to be something tangible there for people to see what’s happening,” he says. “It’s not recycled until it’s reused.”

Ultimately, Lee wants to develop environmental solutions as “brands in their own right”. This, he believes, will help to cement the nascent grass-roots revolution that is forcing the high street giants to think seriously about how they can make their businesses more environmentally friendly. “It’s key to educate the consumer about what things are made from and what can happen when they recycle,” he says.

The Independent has looked into Greenpac but unfortunately there isn’t a lot out there about them. Strange, considering the company is bringing the type of solutions to market that we have to see more of if we are going to make recycling loop the loop.

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  1. earthpal says:

    Oh no! A chocolate flavoured fleece! I wouldn’t be able to wear it! I’d eat it and then freeze to death.

    Seriously, I agree with Lee in that these products should be branded “in their own right”. That way, other main street manufacturers will hopefully “watch and learn”.

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