The Mini E … new electric on the block.

image: New York Times

BMW will be leasing 500 Mini Es from dealers in New York, New Jersey and Southern California starting some time early in 2009. To be considered for one of these cars, visit the Mini Space site and sign up.

AC Propulsion of San Dimas, CA is the supplier of the ACP 150, the gold standard for EV motor/controller drive trains. ACP is also supplying the battery pack. Teaming with ACP gives them instant credibility in the EV community, and they’ll gain great marketing and technical intelligence fast.

One of the considerations for getting selected to spend a rather high $850 monthly lease payment is that you have a locking garage. BMW will be installing their own fairly fast charger in your garage. It will charge the 35 kWh pack in under 3 hours. The Mini’s range is said to be 150 miles.

Unfortunately, the battery pack’s size wipes out the two rear seats, making the Mini E a somewhat impractical two-seater.

More detail.

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