Obama’s environment team.

Image: with kind permission from Bart Nagel of Bart Nagel Photography.


The US president-elect said the new administration’s priorities were to end US dependence on foreign oil and fight climate change.

Naming his environment team, he said US energy dependence had grown even as global resources were disappearing. Obama has named physics Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu as his energy secretary and tasked him with finding alternatives to fossil fuels.

Mr Obama has pledged to make big changes in environmental policies. After eight years, he said, the US could not accept more broken promises when the new administration took over on 20 January.

Despite the current economic crisis, the president-elect has vowed to make the environment a priority with an ambitious promise of creating 2.5m new jobs.

The energy secretary-elect Steven Chu, is an energy specialist and the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr Chu is a leader in the field of combating climate change using scientific methods. He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize for physics for his work on cooling and trapping atoms using laser light.

Announcing his environment team nominations, Mr Obama named Lisa Jackson, currently the chief of staff for New Jersey’s governor, as head of the environment protection agency (EPA).

“Unless we act, [climate change] will lead to drought and famine abroad, devastating weather patterns and terrible storms on our shores and the disappearance of our coastline,” said Mr Obama. He vowed to “move beyond our oil addiction and create a new hybrid economy”.

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  1. earthpal says:

    I’m sure it’s not hugely relevant but I can’t help mention that Dr Chu’s energy research is funded (entirely I think) by BP so the aim to get away from oil addiction perhaps isn’t as close as we would like. And I believe he is pro-nuclear too.

    I don’t know much about the other members of Obama’s green team. Will ‘look them up’ tomorrow.

  2. matt says:

    The Berkeley-BP lab partnership seems to be concentrating on researching alternatives to using foodstuffs as feedstocks for biofuels. See here.

    Also; David Roland-Holst, an economist at the Center for Energy, Resources and Economic Sustainability at UC Berkeley, described Chu as a “very distinguished researcher” and “an extremely effective manager of cutting edge technology initiatives.” Roland-Holst praised Chu’s work at Lawrence Berkeley, saying “he has succeeded in reconfiguring it for a new generation of sustainable technology R&D, combining world class mainstream science with the latest initiatives in renewable energy and climate adaptation.” See more here.

    See youtube clip in post above.

  3. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    The problem with Obama’s 2.5 million new jobs is that at least as many will be lost, and the inflationary pressure of higher energy costs will screw up our economy even more. As to fighting climate change, over here that needs to focus on ways to stay warm. In case you missed it, we still have millions of people without electricity from an early and massive ice storm, and it snowed in New Orleans last week and yesterday in Las Vegas and Malibu! I begin to think that the “climate scientists” don’t have a firm grasp on the meaning of “warming” or “global.”

    Hi earthpal,

    So far the only Change Obama is bringing is a return to the Clinton Administration. I don’t know specifically about his environmental team, but most of the rest of his Cabinet choices are Bill’s hand me downs.

    the Grit

  4. matt says:


    The term is ‘climate change’, with more freak weather, as you yourself have pointed out.

  5. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    The “climate change” term still means Global Warming. The “climate scientists” and the liberal press only switched when it became blatantly apparent that there was no evidence to support the Al Gore scam, but they still needed some reason for various Governments to continue the massive research funding and as an excuse for those same Governments to take away more of our freedoms so as to save us from “The Big Bad Thing.” It’s a sad commentary on the human condition that we, as a group, still fall for this crap.

    Oh, and if you want to see a variation of the same scam in action, try and figure out where the hundreds of billions of dollars the American tax payers were just conned out of in the name of saving our banking system went. A bit of advice, save your time because our loving and nurturing Government won’t tell us.

    Merry Christmas,
    the Grit

  6. matt says:

    I repeat;

    The term is ‘climate change’, with more freak weather, as you yourself have pointed out.

    Merry Christmas, whatever the weather. 🙂

  7. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    And a very merry Christmas to you as well.

    the Grit

  8. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    Happy Boxing Day.

    the Grit

  9. earthpal says:

    Hey Folks, hope you are all enjoying the holidays. Will try to catch up with you soon. xx

  10. Annora Eksteen says:

    I wish Steven Chu all my god wishes.

  11. I’m the creative director of EnergyBiz magazine. We’re doing a feature on Dr. Chu, and this photo would be great for it. I’m trying to track down a hi-res image of it, or the photographer. Can you let me know where you got it from?

  12. Bart Nagel says:

    I have no objection to the use of my photo of Steven Chu without pay—but a photo credit and a link to my website would be compensation enough.

  13. matt says:

    Bart, many thanks. Like everyone I guess, I simply found the image via a Google search. It obviously stood out from the rest. Thanks again.

  14. Bart Nagel says:

    Like a beautiful rose on your neighbor’s side of the fence…

  15. matt says:

    … that hangs over ripe for the vase. That would depend on how the neighbour felt.

    Personally I only choose images that are relevant and preferably have impact, stand out, are quality. We do have a policy regards image use on our About the Coffee House page. Please let me know if, as a photographer, you feel it needs adapting.

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