Update: Design for Manufacture – the £60,000 home.

In 2006 the UK government launched a competition for developers to come forward with a realistic plan to built cheap eco-homes. A percentage would have to be affordable to first time buyers and some would be available for social housing.

Here is a list of the companies that went through to build these homes, including images and locations; List of sites.

The designs vary from site to site. My favourite is in Maidstone, Kent.

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2 Responses to Update: Design for Manufacture – the £60,000 home.

  1. earthpal says:

    Hi Matt.

    I’ve been spotting new homes and apartment buildings popping up in quite a number of places recently and they look very similar to those in the picture.

    It’s catching on methinks. 🙂

  2. matt says:

    Lets hope so!

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