Eco-houses for Peterborough


A scheme to build almost 350 high quality environmentally friendly homes has been unveiled in Peterborough.

Organisers said 35% of the houses will be affordable and there will also be open spaces and areas for retail and community use.

The pPod Consortium, a partnership comprising Morris Homes, Gentoo Group and Brown Smith Baker architects, was named developer for the South Bank Phase One scheme after winning a national competition to select a company to regenerate the site near Peterborough United Football Club.

The scheme is part of the Department of Communities and Local Government’s aim to accelerate the house building industry’s response to climate change.

 The Carbon Challenge is designed to fast track the creation of a number of new communities designed to meet the highest level of the Code 6 for Sustainable Homes as well as English Partnerships key requirement for high standards of quality design and improved space standards.

The proposals also include an area with orchards and allotments, canopied walkways, 650 sq m of retail space and 614 sq m of community space, as well as a community cafe that will sell locally-produced goods, with food production encouraged by the inclusion of an edible garden.

The programme forms part of the £1bn planned regeneration of Peterborough. A planning application will be made in early 2009 and pPod expects to start on site later in the year.

Hanham Hall near Bristol was the first selected site under the government’s Carbon Challenge scheme.

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