Greenpeace USA activist training

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From Greenpeace;

Greenpeace is now accepting Fall 2009 applications for the Greenpeace Organizing Term, a semester of intense activist training for college undergraduates, ages 18-24.

The Greenpeace Organizing Term is an opportunity for smart, passionate activists to gain the hands-on experience and skills needed to become an effective advocate for environmental issues, organize their fellow students, and help stimulate real change on issues that they care about.

The students will attend over 50 innovative, hands-on trainings with Greenpeace staff. Students work one-on-one with Greenpeace mentors who provide weekly feedback and personalized training. Students also travel on campaign trips to put their new skills to test and to take real action.

Topics covered during the intense, three month experience include:
-Developing smart campaign strategies
-Grassroots organizing and movement building
-Powerful direct action strategies and skills, including climbing, boat training, and blockades
-Effectively interacting with the media, staying on message and producing great press coverage for campaigns

Students also take part in a week long trip called the Greenpeace Expedition, often in another country, to meet and work with global Greenpeace staff. During this week, students will have the opportunity to experience how different communities are affected by environmental issues. Students will have an opportunity to help support and learn from those communities.

For more information and to apply, visit Greenpeace.

Or join the US Army and get a different level of specialist training. 🙂

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2 Responses to Greenpeace USA activist training

  1. earthpal says:

    Yes, this would be a great project for gap year students. Unfortunately, as I’m finding with many things lately, I can’t qualify on account of being too, erm, old.

    Of course with age comes wisdom. I’m not so wise yet so I can’t be that old.

  2. matt says:

    Yes and idealism certainly doesn’t stop at 24! But I guess they’re appealing to career hopefuls. 🙂

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