100 Days to Copenhagen … counting down to the climate summit in December 2009.


The official launch of the TckTckTck campaign and global partner campaigns was launched 28th August. With 100 days until the most important meeting of our times, TckTckTck is here to show that the world is ready for bold climate action towards a fair, ambitious, and binding climate deal in Copenhagen.’

If you like you can add your name here in support of this campaign. See top of web page. Stay informed via any number of organisations supporting this campaign. WWF is just one.

As Katharine Ainger points out in her article in the Guardian the corporate lobbyists are working hard to water down the climate agreement being trashed out for December in Copenhagen. The very least we can do is add our support to the Tcktcktck campaign.

Corporate Europe Observatory is monitoring the cynical campaign of big business called ‘The Copenhagen Call’. This was put together by business members meeting at the World Business Summit on Climate Change. The main push business is making is for (quote) ‘The first steps to establishing a global market will be to enable linkage between national and regional carbon markets. An international agreement will help secure investor confidence in the carbon market, and national actions will help generate new financial flows for climate investment.’ They also ask for public monies to boost investment in low carbon technologies.

What the NGOs are concerned about is the carbon market initiative (started here in London) becoming a major loophole for big business to do really very little to change their ways. Effectively business can negate their responsibilities to reduce their operating emissions by buying carbon credits from elsewhere, normally the developing world. Business see the global carbon market as the solution, in which they buy and trade permits to pollute.

In other areas NGOs see PR ‘green’ campaigns masking business as usual, such as BP, who are extracting oil from Canadian tar sands, a process that produces four times as much CO2 as conventional drilling, and the World Coal Institute which promotes coal – with the highest carbon emissions of all – as a “progressive fuel”. One significant lobby group in the Climate Camp’s sights is Edelman PR, acting on behalf of the German energy firm E.ON, which is lobbying to build the UK’s first coal-fired power station in decades at Kingsnorth.

Well done if you got this far reading through this blog! Sign up and add your voice to the Tcktcktck campaign here. We must have a better Climate deal.

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3 Responses to 100 Days to Copenhagen … counting down to the climate summit in December 2009.

  1. earthpal says:

    Excellent post Matt. It’s my intention to blog about this too (eventually!!) but I’ve signed up via your link.

    Very good Guardian article too.

  2. Jasper says:

    There have been some encouraging signs in the run-up to Copenhagen that tropical rainforests are very likely to be included in negotiations. Policymakers and economists will be putting a value on the stored carbon they contain.

    If we are going to have priorities, then preventing deforestation must surely be at the top of the list. It should be more preventable than some of the other problems facing us.

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