Denmark To Run Country Entirely on Renewables by 2050

The Avedore Power Plant -
Denmark has announced that by 2020 a third of its energy will come from renewable energy and by 2050 it will be 100%. Remarkably this has support across the country’s political spectrum.

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2 Responses to Denmark To Run Country Entirely on Renewables by 2050

  1. Yakumi says:

    This good news indeed. Especially to the so called “developing countries”. This is a good lesson for those countries that we can by-pass some of the “prices of development” by learning from the mistakes of others. On top of this, our friends in developed nations should be able and willing to help us manage to develop while minimizing the impact of opportunity cost of development-environmental degredation.

    • keithsc says:

      It is great news if they do it but 2050 is a long way off. The great thing is that all the main parties are behind it.

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