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Tread Lightly

The Guardian newspaper has contacted The Coffee House to promote its “Tread Lightly” project, not to be confused with Eurostar’s emissions reduction initiative of the same name. Guardian readers are urged to adopt low-carbon lifestyles, share hints and tips, and … Continue reading

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Nature Can Be Dull

Picture from But not as dull as SEAT, who say on the one hand “The spirit of competition comes with a price: responsibility. SEAT has always been acutely aware of this in regard to sustainability and protection of the … Continue reading

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‘Planet In Peril’: Review of Part 1

Presenters Billy Bragg and Mark Viduka show their emotional involvement in the issues Well I’ve ploughed through the first part of CNN’s much-vaunted eco-documentary ‘Planet In Peril’, and I wasn’t that impressed. A series of episodes filmed around the world, … Continue reading

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Green Is The New Gold

If more proof were needed that environmental issues have entered the financial mainstream, look no further than HSBC. The bank plans to grab a slice of the growing market for socially responsible investing with a new fund that will exploit … Continue reading

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Positive Thinking

My colleague Matt has recently spoken out against the doom ‘n’ gloom merchants: “Try smiling. Think positive. Get positive. Make changes. Get involved.” Five years, that’s all we’ve got … It’s true that for every disaster that might befall us, … Continue reading

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Worms not as ‘green’ as they seem, says Open University researcher

Jim Frederickson, a senior research fellow at The Open University’s Faculty of Technology, has found that worms may not be as environmentally friendly as many think. Research at large commercial worm composting beds shows that worms give off nitrous oxide, … Continue reading

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That’s More Like It!

Now this is what I pay my Greenpeace membership fees for, not wittering on about low energy light bulbs. In the early hours of Monday morning, a group of 50 Greenpeace activists occupied the Kingsnorth power station on the Medway … Continue reading

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