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North Carolina Legislates on Level of Sea Level Rise

Source: Scientific American Blog A group of legislators from 20 coastal NC counties whose economies will be most affected by rising seas have legislated on how future predictions should be calculated. In House Bill 819 2011 section 2, paragraph e, … Continue reading

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People and the Planet: a Royal Society Report

Source: “Rapid and widespread changes in the world’s human population, coupled with unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to human health and wellbeing, and the natural environment”. This report gives an overview of how global population and consumption … Continue reading

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Ship Breaking in Bangladesh

Source: The Observer on 6/5/12 highlighted the dangers in the recycling yards in Chittagong. It is estimated that over the last ten years hundreds of men working in the 125 breaking yards have died or been maimed or poisoned. … Continue reading

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Shell Sues Environmentalists to Avert Alaska Arctic Drilling Delays

Source: Royal Dutch Shell PLC is suing in federal court more than a dozen environmental organizations that are likely to challenge its plans for drilling Alaska’s Arctic Ocean this summer, an unprecedented preemptive move aimed at avoiding potentially costly … Continue reading

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Toronto’s Green Roof Bylaw

From: Toronto is the first city in North America to require green roofs by law and has now passed into its third phase. All new buildings with a floor area of 2,000 sq metres are required to devote 20-60% … Continue reading

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Do You Still Believe in Global Warming?

From So asks the billboards paid for by the Heartland Institute featuring some notorious criminals who do. “The Heartland Institute is widely recognized as a leading source of science and economics questioning claims that man-made global warming is a … Continue reading

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Biofuels from Seaweed

Source: E. coli, best known for causing serious food poisoning, has been bioengineered to digest all the sugars found in seaweed and produce bioethanol and other useful products. The researchers estimate that seaweed farms along 3% of the world’s … Continue reading

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How Much Carbon Does Urban Green Space Store?

Image from A recent study has calculated the amount of atmospheric CO2 that has been captured by a new green belt in Leipzig, Germany. The footprint ranges from 29 to 218 tonnes of CO2 sequestered per hectare depending on … Continue reading

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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Source: A recent study from EASAC (the European Academies Science Advisory Council) examines how far CSP can help the EU reach its target of all electricity being produced with zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. It concludes that … Continue reading

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Earth Overshoot Day

Image from Global Footprint Network In 2011, Earth Overshoot Day, the approximate date our demands on nature for a given year exceeds the planet’s ability to replenish, fell on September 27. In 2010 it was 21 August so surely this … Continue reading

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