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This week’s environment news.

News for this week from Low Scottish Power turns on largest onshore wind farm in Europe Europe’s largest onshore wind power project has commenced operation in Scotland.     Bacteria used to create ethanol for biofuels US research suggests … Continue reading

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Dr Steven Chu at the National Energy Summit 2008

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Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs);changes proposed.

  Image: Severn tidal barrage a step closer to reality? Article ROCs are issued to electricity generators, which need to have certificates to cover a growing percentage of their electricity generation and are currently handed out uniformly to all renewable … Continue reading

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Drax goes Green?

The Drax group which owns Drax power station has announced it is to build three biomass power stations at a cost of £2 billion. The company expects “attractive returns” and expects them to generate 900 megawatts of power compared to … Continue reading

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Pictures of strawbale buildings

The Strawbale Building website has a series of images showing the huge variety of buildings that have strawbales as part of their construction. Some are out buildings, almost sheds. A few clearly show the jagged outline of the bales! There … Continue reading

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“Don’t let invasive biofuel crops attack your country.”

Article At a United Nations meeting in Bonn, Germany, on Tuesday, scientists from the Global Invasive Species Program, the Nature Conservancy and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as well as other groups, presented a paper with a … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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