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100 Days to Copenhagen … counting down to the climate summit in December 2009.

  The official launch of the TckTckTck campaign and global partner campaigns was launched 28th August. With 100 days until the most important meeting of our times, TckTckTck is here to show that the world is ready for bold climate … Continue reading

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Can We Afford Carbon Capture?

Ed Milliband announced this week that the Government wants to fund at least two Carbon Capture Storage projects but Centrica has warned that the technology will take at least 15 years to develop before it can be used widely. Robert … Continue reading

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Govts invest in environment as way out of economic crisis

Article “The high emissions, debt-driven, resource intensive (economic) model is dying,” says Mr de Boer, who heads negotiations within the UN climate convention. “Unlimited growth on a planet with finite resources cannot go on forever,” said Eberhard von Koerber, co-president … Continue reading

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UK Committee on Climate Change demands inclusion of shipping & airline emissions

Article The Committee on Climate Change (the UK government’s official climate change advisers) said a cut in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 80% by 2050 should include international aviation and shipping. The committee, led by the former CBI head … Continue reading

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Merging debate into solutions.

With many of the raging environment debates of the last few years now chilling & distilling into a hunt for solutions, it’s time for my other blog ‘Environment Solutions’ to merge seemlessly into The Coffee House. Here we discuss and … Continue reading

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Prince Charles loves Canopy Capital

Prince Charles has been talking on BBC radio 4 this morning about his desire to reinvigorate the drive to conserve the world’s pristine rainforests. He has said to friends that he wants to make significant progress by the time his … Continue reading

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EU’s dirty dozen CO2 emitters 2007

Article Germany tops list for the EU’s dirty dozen CO2 emitters during 2007. In fact seven of the twelve dirtiest European installations are in Germany, preliminary 2007 data from the European Commission showed on Wednesday. German utility RWE AG’s lignite … Continue reading

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