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Visit There you will find an interactive map showing a simulation of world and country population figures, as well as CO2 emissions. The population figures adjust all the time for birth and death rates for each country, adjusting the global … Continue reading

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US protest against coal / US wind power overtook coal in 2008.

image: the Capitol Power Plant to the right (behind road signs), not far from Capitol Hill US Protest. A national coalition of more than 40 environmental, public health, labor, social justice and other advocacy groups today announce plans to engage in … Continue reading

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Low Carbon Buildings Programme: funding

Low Carbon Buildings Programme: Phase 2 Key information Funding area: UK wide Status: Open for applications Next Application Deadline: 30/06/2009 Full scheme details Start date: 10/03/2008 Outline: Charities and community organisations are being encouraged to apply for grants through the … Continue reading

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The BBC’s Science & Environment section.

If you are looking for a daily update on environment news one page you should bookmark is the BBC’s Science & Environment section. We are pleased at The Coffee House that the BBC has finally renamed this section to include … Continue reading

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Virtual government; going web 2.0

Whatever country you’re from you’ll know how expensive it is to run a government. The person representing your area has to travel a lot for sessions at the centre of power. And what do they do when they get there?; … Continue reading

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Environmental Transformation Fund; getting UK funding for environment projects.

The Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF) is a new initiative to bring forward the development of new low carbon energy and energy efficiency technologies in the UK. The fund will formally begin operation in April 2008, and will be jointly administered … Continue reading

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Sunday Times Top 50 Best Green Companies

“The Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards is a project designed to encourage, acknowledge and publicise businesses and other organisations, which are striving to improve their environmental performance. The 50 companies listed in this report are all pioneers – enterprising, … Continue reading

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Bulgarian govt censors environment bloggers

Article: Internet.artisans The above linked article to which I will lay out below is dated from August last year. I have only just found it on the internet but believe it important because it highlights the work of a new … Continue reading

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China’s netizens create environmental protests

  image: Chinese blogger conference. Wangjianshuo’s blog Guardian article  Competing public opinions, unheard of 10 years ago, are becoming familiar in China these days as the world’s biggest censor struggles to cope with the explosive growth of the internet. With … Continue reading

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The Nine Climate Tipping Points

Picture: Greenpeace As this article from the Independent reported earlier this week, scientists have identified nine way in which the Earth could be tipped into potentially dangerous conditions which are likely to be irreversible on a human timescale. A tipping … Continue reading

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