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Fancy Dubai steeped in sewage

image: Dubai International City Hit with SEWAGE Floods Article Tourists who use Dubai’s beaches run the risk of contracting serious illnesses – including typhoid and hepatitis – as the Middle Eastern resort struggles to combat a tidal wave of illegally … Continue reading

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Controversy over greening of Egyptian desert

image: Siwa oasis Article While climate change and land over-use help many deserts across the world advance, Egypt is slowly greening the sand that covers almost all of its territory as it seeks to create more space for its growing … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi’s ‘green’ city.

BBC article. Abu Dhabi has started to build what it says is the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste car-free city. Masdar City will cost $22bn (£11.3bn), take eight years to build and be home to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses. The … Continue reading

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Egypt worships sun again with mega-solar in deserts.

An idea gathering force among a growing number of engineers, scientists and academics around the world is the plan to build large solar plants in the Sahara desert to provide enough electricity for the Middle East and North Africa and enough … Continue reading

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The Coffee House has hit its first 100G. Thank you to you all. I’ve learnt so much over the last year. The Women In Black (WIB) above are on a peace mission outside the White House. I like their style. … Continue reading

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Jordanian crops wiped out by unexpected frosts.

 Report A two-week-long frost that has killed crops over a 5,000sqkm area in Jordan is being blamed on global climate change, rapid desertification and shrinking water surfaces locally, according to environmentalists. Officials from Jordan’s meteorological department said frost appeared this … Continue reading

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