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China’s Yangtze Three Gorges Dam

   The Chinese website for the Yangtze Three Gorges Dam project is here. The BBC’s Peter Day visited China for its In Business programme to see how the peasants of China, left behind by the country’s economic boom, are fairing. … Continue reading

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Bottled Water: Morally Indefensible?

  So says Environment Minister Phil Woolas.  Bottled-water bashing is nothing new but it’s raised its head again and it’s now a Labour MP who is attacking the dirty habit. He said it was daft that six million litres of … Continue reading

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The Coffee House has hit its first 100G. Thank you to you all. I’ve learnt so much over the last year. The Women In Black (WIB) above are on a peace mission outside the White House. I like their style. … Continue reading

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An Iranian conversation.

The following conversation comes from this Free Thoughts on Iran; Somayeh Sadat at March 23, 2004 01:35 PM [permalink]: I very much liked your article and see your point in how each of us can help. But in practice, I … Continue reading

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EU to Hold an Investigation into Supermarket Dominance

Cheap food doesn’t actually come cheap.  Not for some anyway. A proposal put forward by Euro MP Caroline Lucas to hold an investigation into supermarket dominance has been approved by the European Union.  Caroline has been lobbying Brussels to examine the impacts … Continue reading

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World Bank: Contradictory Policy

I’m bit late in spotting this little news item but not too late for it to be a relevant and important  issue.  It seems that the Word Bank‘s pledge to help the trees is little more than hot air. It’s been … Continue reading

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Focus on Canada

Canada, under the present government, sided with the US in opposing the demand for CO2 emissions reduction targets at the recent Bali conference. Yet this is a country from where Greenpeace was born and treehuggers will quite literally go to … Continue reading

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