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UK govt starts to question biofuels option

image: biofuels protest outside Downing St., attended by The Coffee House earlier this year. Article Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said: “To tackle climate change we will need to develop new, cleaner fuels – but that doesn’t mean pushing forward indiscriminately … Continue reading

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China encourages 2 child policy in cities.

       According to The China Daily the city of Guangzhou is heading towards a demographic and economic disaster because of its rapidly ageing population. In reaction the city has has developed its own policy encouraging families to have … Continue reading

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The Dam Builders versus the Warriors

Picture: AP Amazon Indians have been squaring up to the mighty corporations and the state in a bid to prevent the construction of a series of hydroelectric dams that are planned for the Xingu River.  The officials are claiming that the construction … Continue reading

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Heathrow protest: more planes, more pain.

image: Heathrow plane stacking; so many planes they could be stacking all the way up into space?! The following flew into my inbox; Come and Make a Noise against Heathrow expansion. Saturday 31 May 2008, 12 noon, Hatton Cross The … Continue reading

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UN food crisis task force set up as hunger spreads

  Article The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is setting up a task force to tackle the global food crisis. Mr Ban said the world faced “widespread hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale” because of soaring … Continue reading

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UK biofuels launch in disarray

Article Government plans for the introduction today of cleaner fuel on all the country’s forecourts have been thrown into turmoil, with the oil companies ready to offer biodiesel but warning they will not have bioethanol available for greener petrol until … Continue reading

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Biofuels information – the latest news

******  Protest against mandatory introduction of biofuels into the UK, taking place outside Downing Street Tuesday 15th April, 6pm.  ****** If you are not up on the issues read any of the articles linked below; 1. Guardian : IMF meeting World … Continue reading

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