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The Afterlife Project – feeding power of the dead into your electronic gadgets.

Yup, the ultimate in recycling and a chance to put a little spark into your loved one’s lives after you’ve moved on. Still in the design stages this concept is being worked on (apparently seriously) by James Auger of  & … Continue reading

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Apple’s new ‘Personal Environment Device’.

It has been hailed as the greatest product since the bicycle allowed wealthy Victorians to venture freely out into the pollution free country side. The PED or Personal Environment Device is so clever it even has tech reviewers dumb founded. The … Continue reading

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Global Risks 2008

Over at 3eintelligence a report from the World Economic Forum is summarised, giving the gloomy predictions for 2008;       *system-wide financial crisis       *food insecurity       *supply chain disruptions       *climate and energy chaos Food security has become the new emerging … Continue reading

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‘In the age of Noah’

image: outline of the ark in Turkey, it is claimed. Thomas L. Friedman writes in the IHT an excellent article encapsulating where we are right now on our little planet. We have he says effectively brought ourselves into the role … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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IPCC climate change report shock!

Climate change may have already passed the point of no return despite earlier predictions to the contrary, according to scientist Dr Tim Flannery of Macquarie University in Australia. A UN climate change report out next month (Nov 16th 2007) will … Continue reading

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Five years, that’s all we’ve got; or so the NGOs would have you believe.

A number of NGOs and loosely affiliated organisations with environmental causes, together with various doomsday theorists spouting concepts like ‘peak oil’ would have you believe human civilization only has a few years til total collapse. Shouldn’t these people being taking … Continue reading

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