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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Source: A recent study from EASAC (the European Academies Science Advisory Council) examines how far CSP can help the EU reach its target of all electricity being produced with zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. It concludes that … Continue reading

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Woking Albion Square Canopy

The Albion Square Canopy has been a controversial project since it was first approved in 2004. It was conceived as a gateway to the town and as a solar power project generating an estimated 51,000 to 58,000 kWh a year. … Continue reading

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Emerging Architecture Awards reflect eco-conscious design.

image: BASEhabitat Architect’s egos are deflated as clients have dropped off the cliff with the current financial crisis. Many are staring at possible redundancy. Huge housing projects are being cancelled. All is not doom and gloom however if the winners … Continue reading

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Going off grid – the video

The video above is 7 mins long but worth it if you’re a techie and thinking of trying to go off grid. It shows an American guy’s rather large home with plenty of surrounding land. He has a 56 panel solar … Continue reading

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The Eco Elise – utilizing hemp, solar power & a whole lot more.

Article The new Lotus Eco Elise makes its official debut at the London Motor Show today. See BBC video. The Eco Elise uses a host of sustainable materials to make up the body and trim, including hemp, “eco wool,” sisal … Continue reading

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No UK planning permission needed for solar from today.

From today, April 6th, all homeowners will be able to install microgeneration equipment, like solar panels, without needing to get planning permission, as long as there is clearly no impact on others. Many householders want to install microgeneration technology, but … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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The world has a new religion: Gussing

The 21st century has a new religion and the pilgrimage has already begun in earnest. As with all good religions it emerged quite by accident. Jesus would admire the people and town of Gussing, Austria for they have produced quite … Continue reading

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11th hour: the movie

The ultimate in Hollywood disaster flick. Except this time it’s real. A documentary about the very survival of planet earth; Movie Link. America is on board Houston. It’s time to fight back. What does the future hold?

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The Power Of Print

For most of us, solar power comes from solar panels that sit on the roof and generate electricity. Overwhelmingly, the core material used to convert light into power is silicon. There are regular background rumblings about the possibility of demand … Continue reading

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