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UK canals see highest use since industrial revolution.

image: River Lee, London E5 Article. British Waterways have announced a record number of boats on the country’s canals. A programme of regeneration and restoration has transformed the canal network to such an extent that more than 31,000 boats travelled on … Continue reading

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US bullys UK over planned tax per flight policy

Article. The American Embassy in London has sent a 6 page letter to the Treasury complaining about a proposed tax per flight that the UK government believes will help to incentivise airlines to fill their planes with passengers, rather than fly … Continue reading

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Heathrow protest: more planes, more pain.

image: Heathrow plane stacking; so many planes they could be stacking all the way up into space?! The following flew into my inbox; Come and Make a Noise against Heathrow expansion. Saturday 31 May 2008, 12 noon, Hatton Cross The … Continue reading

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Gold Medal for Most Greenwashed Games?

Picture: I almost missed this little report.  As most people know, when the 2012 London Olympic bid was won, it was declared that the games will be the greenest ever.  The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) said at the time that the … Continue reading

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Green Holidays

How green is your travel company? For some of us, it’s that SAD time of the year.  A time of cold Winter months with long, dark days and wind and rain . . . endless rain!  And the only thing that might … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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Climate change claims its first government?

Photo: Reuters The fires that tore omnivorously through scores of villages and olive groves here may now also be changing the Greek political landscape: The government of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, facing national elections next month, is under increasing criticism, … Continue reading

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The world has a new religion: Gussing

The 21st century has a new religion and the pilgrimage has already begun in earnest. As with all good religions it emerged quite by accident. Jesus would admire the people and town of Gussing, Austria for they have produced quite … Continue reading

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Temple til ya drop, pray to ebay for ya favourite frock, cause it’s cheap, almost free and hey, what else matters on a rainy day. For the masses are free with, providing all ya need, all ya want 24/7, … Continue reading

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Skiathos burns as fires continue to rage across Greece.

Fires have swept across the Med this summer. Greece has been afflicted by a seemingly never-ending series of fires this summer, says the BBC’s Athens correspondent. In the latest inferno hundreds of holidaymakers have been evacuated from hotels on the … Continue reading

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