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Fields in Trust – portal offering resources for open spaces

  Fields in Trust the new operating name for the National Playing Fields Association, offers a one stop shop for resources to help with the success and sustainability of our outdoor spaces.  Their Toolkit provides PDF downloads, signposting to other … Continue reading

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Happy new year … from London

Happy new year to all around the globe. May it be a more peaceful and happy year for you and your family. 🙂

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“Apes and Gorillas are People Too”

Photograph: Guardian I was curiously surprised when I read here that the Spanish government is to give human rights to great apes.  Of course it’s good news for the marvellous hairy beasts in that they will be given protection from … Continue reading

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ExxonMobil – Debate on its future

ExxonMobil has a market value of around $500 billion. It has plans to spend $25 billion in exploration and research of carbon-based fuels while spending $100 million in funding Stanford University’s centre researching technical solutions to global warming. A shareholder … Continue reading

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The Dam Builders versus the Warriors

Picture: AP Amazon Indians have been squaring up to the mighty corporations and the state in a bid to prevent the construction of a series of hydroelectric dams that are planned for the Xingu River.  The officials are claiming that the construction … Continue reading

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The US has ‘no energy strategy’.

image: play the game of Bonkers; the game your politicians will undoubtably win. 🙂 Article Hillary Clinton has decided to line up with John McCain in pushing to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for … Continue reading

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Organic squash recipe and Earth Day!

My work allows me to meet and mingle with people of diversity. Most especially, I really enjoy and appreciate to mingle and discover how rural women live through day to day hardships and activities. So, traveling uncomfortably long hours on … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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New Triple Hybrid Power Pack Launched

Shares in Traction Technology plc (LSE:TRAC) rose sharply on the London Stock Exchange today, after the company announced the launch of its new ‘TRIBRID’ product range for bus operators. TRIBRID is a power pack that has the ability to draw … Continue reading

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UK second home bargain hunters; Greenland next?

The map of Greenland will have to be redrawn. A new island has appeared off its coast, suddenly separated from the mainland by the melting of Greenland’s enormous ice sheet, a development that is being seen as the most alarming … Continue reading

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