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Rooftop beehives at Fortnum, central London.

The Carniolan bees – noted for their sweet nature – were first housed in Shropshire, where they produced the first batch of Fortnum’s Bees’ Honey in 2006.   Now installed in their new residences on the roof of 181 Piccadilly, they … Continue reading

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To kill a mockingbird

Roxana Robinson writes in the International Herald Tribune, ‘And if that mockingbird don’t sing’. She writes; I live on an ordinary city block: concrete and pavement, urban and austere. Behind our apartment building there’s a meager garden space, hollowed out … Continue reading

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Fancy Dubai steeped in sewage

image: Dubai International City Hit with SEWAGE Floods Article Tourists who use Dubai’s beaches run the risk of contracting serious illnesses – including typhoid and hepatitis – as the Middle Eastern resort struggles to combat a tidal wave of illegally … Continue reading

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Latest roof garden terrace opens in New York

image: The Lowerre Family Terrace at Marymount Manhattan College The Lowerre Family Terrace, the Marymount Manhattan College’s new 5,000-square foot quad, offers a respite in a natural setting and features a water wall, heated trellis and garden areas. To quote … Continue reading

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Curitiba, a well designed ‘green’ city.

The city of Curitiba provides the world with a model in how to integrate sustainable transport considerations into business development, road infrastructure development, and local community development. With about 1.8 million residents, Curitiba occupies rolling terrain in the southern Brazilian … Continue reading

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Birds stressed out by our urban environment.

The Observer reports this weekend on various studies that show urban songbirds are increasingly streesed from competing in their communications with the noises humans are producing. Noise from traffic, both road and air and from industrial estates are causing songbirds … Continue reading

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China encourages 2 child policy in cities.

       According to The China Daily the city of Guangzhou is heading towards a demographic and economic disaster because of its rapidly ageing population. In reaction the city has has developed its own policy encouraging families to have … Continue reading

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Heathrow protest: more planes, more pain.

image: Heathrow plane stacking; so many planes they could be stacking all the way up into space?! The following flew into my inbox; Come and Make a Noise against Heathrow expansion. Saturday 31 May 2008, 12 noon, Hatton Cross The … Continue reading

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Chelsea Tractors to Pay More

Picture: Greenpeace Ken Livingstone today announced his agreement to levy a higher congestion charge on London’s gas-guzzlers. The Alliance Against Urban 4×4’s, which was co-founded by the Green party’s Sian Berry, has been arduously campaigning for this result which came … Continue reading

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Delhi Commonwealth Games problems

APPEAL to stop Commonwealth Games Construction on Yamuna This comes to you from Delhi Greens. The Yamuna River exists on an ecologically sensitive floodplain which supplies much of Delhi’s drinking water. As Delhi urbanizes and its population quickly grows, water … Continue reading

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