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A nuclear station for every city: could this solve the energy, climate change & economic crises?

Article 1: 80% cut, Article 2: EU climate summit , Article3: Portable nuclear . Ed Miliband, the UK’s first climate change and energy secretary, has announced today a commitment by the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Mr … Continue reading

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Renewable Torture

  Photograph: Kathleen T Rhem The US military, on account of the rise in oil prices, wants to dramatically increase its use of renewable energy. Of course at face value this is a good thing but it’s conflicting for some of us because … Continue reading

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Africa: the race to extract natural resources

Article Africa is a big part of the future of natural resource exploration and production. Right now, Africa produces only about 12% of the world’s oil output. By 2012, that could be 30%. No wonder, then, it has become such … Continue reading

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Renewable energy for Rwanda

Article The calm, blue waters of Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda belie the energy powerhouse it stores deep underwater. Hundreds of metres down in the inky blackness, the lake is holding enough unexploited energy to meet Rwanda’s needs … Continue reading

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Food riots go global as prices rise and rise

Article Rising food prices could spark worldwide unrest and threaten political stability, the UN’s top humanitarian official warned yesterday after two days of rioting in Egypt over the doubling of prices of basic foods in a year and protests in … Continue reading

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Controversy over greening of Egyptian desert

image: Siwa oasis Article While climate change and land over-use help many deserts across the world advance, Egypt is slowly greening the sand that covers almost all of its territory as it seeks to create more space for its growing … Continue reading

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Aldermaston 50 Years On

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the first Aldermaston march by CND to protest against the nuclear weapon technology deployed there. I went along with 5,000 or 1,400 other people depending on who you believe. Depressingly nothing seems to have … Continue reading

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The Coffee House has hit its first 100G. Thank you to you all. I’ve learnt so much over the last year. The Women In Black (WIB) above are on a peace mission outside the White House. I like their style. … Continue reading

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Global Risks 2008

Over at 3eintelligence a report from the World Economic Forum is summarised, giving the gloomy predictions for 2008;       *system-wide financial crisis       *food insecurity       *supply chain disruptions       *climate and energy chaos Food security has become the new emerging … Continue reading

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60,000 hits!

Dedicated to the plight and conservation of the orangutan; see here for details. Please note; this site has moved to 🙂

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