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Tell Shell

Delusional Shell oil company prides itself on its progressive Green initiatives and like other big energy companies, Shell likes to put on an ethical mask and pretend to do good in the world.  But the world isn’t stupid and the … Continue reading

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Fancy Dubai steeped in sewage

image: Dubai International City Hit with SEWAGE Floods Article Tourists who use Dubai’s beaches run the risk of contracting serious illnesses – including typhoid and hepatitis – as the Middle Eastern resort struggles to combat a tidal wave of illegally … Continue reading

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Throw away Britain … ‘pay us to recycle’.

Article A new BBC survey has revealed that 79% of women and 70% of men believe they should be rewarded financially if they create less waste and recycle more. From January English councils will be able to bid for pilot … Continue reading

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Oregon rolls out electronics recycling programme

Oregon state law requires manufacturers of certain electronic products (computers, monitors, laptops and TVs) generated by Oregon households and small businesses and organizations to provide free and convenient recycling services starting January 1, 2009. In September 2007, Panasonic Corporation of … Continue reading

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Thames Tideway tunnel … the super sewer for London.

Article London’s current sewer network, which was built by Joseph Bazalgette in the second half of the 19th century, was hailed as a major engineering achievement in its day and collects sewage and rainwater runoff together. Sewer network overload  Today, … Continue reading

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Greenspun … wear your recycled plastic bottles.

A product ended up in our household recently with a little tag on it called ‘greenspun’. A company called Greenpac UK Ltd, based in Birmingham & London UK, as well as Taiwan are coming up with a number of useful products using recycled … Continue reading

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Bio-packaging from sugar cane waste

Article In Brazil they are looking to utilize bagasse, or sugar cane waste for biodegradable packaging. Bagasse is currently burned by farmers but soon this practice will be banned. Three firms (Viveiro Flora Brasil, Lótus Soluções Ambientais, Floema Nutrição Vegetal … Continue reading

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Anaerobic digestion funding boost

I did hear on the radio this week that there is to be a funding boost to develop more anaerobic digestion plants within the UK. Something like £10m was mentioned. Trouble is I can find nothing about this on the … Continue reading

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M&S plastic bag use drops by 80%!

Some good news from the M&S food chain. Over the last 6 weeks use of disposable plastic shopping bags by their customers has dropped by 80%! This is thanks to their policy of charging 5 pence per bag and their … Continue reading

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Farmers want your human waste.

The BBC radio 4 programme, Farming Today says that farmers are using increasing amounts of human waste to fertilise their crops, as the cost of conventional fertiliser – which is closely linked to the price of oil – has shot … Continue reading

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